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RYCT: Reminiscence in Dementia Care
A one-day symposium was held on Thursday 26th June 2014


The Symposium offered:

  • Workshops and exhibitions: partners from 12 European countries presented their arts-based reminiscence projects

  • Plenary speakers: made links to parallel developments and to the overarching theme of living well with dementia and maintaining relationships.

  • Showcase: presentation of the new RYCT training and apprenticeship scheme offering accreditation in facilitating RYCT programmes.

  • Launch: The new Reminiscence Theatre Archive website

  • Presentation: The University of Greenwich’s community work in reminiscence theatre

  • Live performance: Reminiscence-related professional theatre

Slovakian team at final team meeting
Image: Slovakian team at final team meeting

Extract from blog about the Symposium by RYCTT Apprentice, Marta Moreno:

blog about the Symposium by RYCTT Apprentice, Marta Moreno


Download the full blog in PDF format for further information

Caroline Baker, group leader for the RYCT project over many years, writes about the Training and Apprenticeship scheme 
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At the end of June 2014 most of the members of the European Reminiscence Network had been working together in the framework of a Grundtvig Learning Partnership (Remembering Yesterday, Caring Today) for two years.

This symposium was the culmination of this project. Delegates from all over Europe (The Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Northern Ireland Poland, Slovakia, Spain) joined specialists from all over the UK to share experiences and ideas.

The day was packed with workshops focused on the experience and needs of participants with dementia, the impact of “Remembering Yesterday Caring Today” in the care home context, the needs of family carers, the use of drama, music and the visual arts in the RYCT sessions, and how to work towards an artistic product, training and evaluation. All these workshops had a common goal: to focus on the person, not the patient. Artists met social workers, care home managers, specialists in dementia, writers, family carers and persons with dementia who have made different contributions to the RYCT project according to their own skills.

A group photo of all the ERN partners who attended the Symposium:

Partners at the Symposium


The London Training course
and Apprenticeship Scheme

The London training course
and apprenticeship scheme

The ERN are pleased to announce a new April 2024 Training Course & Apprenticeship Scheme in Reminiscence Arts in Dementia Care.

For further details about the course and how to apply:
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[PDF 125k]

Symposium flyer

Symposium flyer

Download the flyer which advertised the symposium for further information about this event:

Click to view flyer
Click to view flyer
[PDF 2.3Mb]

All partners worked together to interpret this poem through drama, movement and music.

John Killick's poem: Remembering Yesterday

The poet John Killick wrote a poem for the ERN June 2014 Symposium.

All partners worked together to interpret this poem through drama, movement and music.

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[PDF 206k]

Reminiscence Theatre Archive

Reminiscence Theatre Archive of Pam Schweitzer

This unique archive is a complete record of the Reminiscence Theatre productions created between 1983 and 2005, during which time Pam Schweitzer was Founder and Artistic Director of Age Exchange Theatre Trust.

Visit website:

Find out more:
Visit the Reminiscence Theatre Archive website's About page to find out who was involved in this project.


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